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Kimberly Faye Greenberg Brings Fanny Brice To Fabulous Life!


She is as nimble and rubber-faced as Brice in her prime, executing a montage of physical numbers like "Sadie Salome" and "I'm an Indian" with gleeful ease and tossing off joke after joke. It's more than a cabaret in that Greenberg gives you a complete story arc to follow, radiating with such warm, homey intimacy that even newcomers to Brice's canon will leave feeling like experts.


In fact, until true time travel becomes possible, Kimberly's act is the closest modern audiences will ever come to seeing Fanny in person.




Performance at 54 Below, NYC

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"Fabulous Fanny Brice" is the NEW "Chicken Soup For Your Soul!"


From her comedic timing to her powerful vocals, Kimberly embodies Fanny Brice like no one else before her! With the upcoming revival of "Funny Girl" coming to Broadway, casting directors should take notice of Kimberly's performance here. Do yourself a favor, buy a ticket.

-Adam Rothenberg, Call Me Adam


She's fabulous, baby! Kimberly Faye Greenberg is electrifying in her portrayal as the late Funny Girl herself, Fanny Brice, in Fabulous Fanny- The Songs and Stories of Fanny Brice. 


Greenberg takes you on the ride of a lifetime with her portrayal showing you the life, love, and loss of Brice herself. Through her Broadway debut, her many marriages, the songs that made her, the Ziegfield Follies, and much more, Greenberg portrays Brice in such an honest, funny, and intimate way. Greenberg truly has earned her name the "sassy, brassy, New York broad."



I will be honest and say that this was actually what I needed right now, and just what the doctor prescribed! This show made me yearn even more for the return of live theater and events and made me so happy to watch. I felt like I was transported into this intimate setting for her show live in the theater.



Greenberg gave me this feeling because she captivates the audience and their attention throughout the show without EVER missing a beat, cue, or moment. She is truly an entertainer! Even in this time where we have "digital fatigue," Greenberg still manages to keep your attention the whole show. It was truly refreshing to watch a show like this one, and I IMPLORE YOU to purchase a ticket and watch the stream of Fabulous Fanny- The Songs and Stories of Fanny Brice.

- Rye Myers, Rye The News Guy